Oscars Promo

Grab your chance to catch 5 of the hottest movies of 2017 as the town’s favorite theatre rescreen them just in time for the Oscars!

Support your Oscar nominees by purchasing your $20 Oscar rescreen passes at any Tango Theatres location starting February 23, 2017. Take advantage of your Fill’er Up Cups, too.

Chuck E. Cheese's Free Medium Cheese Pizza CoCo

Coco Promo

What more can you get with 2 tickets of COCO?
Just keep your movie purchase receipt of 2 COCO tickets and the coupon for redemption.

76 CIRCLE K Fill’er Up Cup Promo

The 76 CIRCLE K Fill’er Up Cups are back! Get your special 76 CIRCLE K Fill’er Up Popcorn & Fountain Drink Cups at any Tango Theatres (Micronesia Mall and Agana Shopping Center)! These cups are for keeps! Bring your Fill’er Up Cups back to any Tango Theatres and enjoy refills on your Popcorn & Fountain Drinks for only $5 all year long! THAT’S RIGHT! $5 Combo all year long! Now that’s a steal of a deal!


Cappriciosa $10 Pizza Combo

Have your fill of our $10 Pizza Combo inclusive of your choice of Capricciosa’s Personal Pan Cheese or Pepperoni pizza along with a small-sized Pepsi drink.

Bargain Tuesdays


Besides discounted movies at $8, you can also PAY HALF of ANY SIZED popcorn on Tuesdays.

See you on a Bargain Tuesday!

Gift Card Promo

It’s movie time! Get a Free 46 oz. popcorn or a 16 oz. drink for every $25 gift card purchase.

Tango App

Your movie-going experience comes alive with energy and excitement at Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres and at the Agana Center Stadium Theatres! Tango, Inc. is proud to introduce Tango Theatres app, an all in one solution for moviegoers. It’s simple, easy and secure to book tickets for your favorite movies using your Mobile.