Group Cinema Tickets!

What is the hottest year-round entertainment value in Guam?

The answer is simple. It’s the GROUP CINEMA TICKET from Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatres.

  • Bonafide business organizations can now purchase prepaid movie tickets that provide for over 24% discount on the regular General Admission ticket price.That’s right, over 24% savings on each General Admission when a GROUP CINEMA TICKET is used.
  • GROUP CINEMA TICKETs are the best way to provide employees lower cost entertainment alternatives and/or performance rewards, and business associates with a prime time affordable entertainment value.
  • GROUP CINEMA TICKETs also make great fundraisers for schools, churches, and charity organizations.
  • Tickets may be personalized with your company/organization logo. Please send us your logo in any of the following formats: .jpg, .tiff, or .bmp

Group Cinema Ticket General Terms and Conditions

  • Tickets are priced based on the following:
    $8.75 per ticket for a minimum of 50 tickets; unrestricted and may be used anytime and any day. Ticket valid for 6 months
    $7.75 per ticket for a minimum order of 50 tickets; may be used any time, any day but may not be used for No Pass (NP) movies. Tickets valid for 6 months
    *Tickets may be customized.
    *Tickets must be purchased by company check.
  • Tickets must be used prior to expiration date; unused tickets are not refunded or exchanged.
  • Tickets are not valid for any movie designated as a special engagement or where prohibited.
  • Tickets can be resold to employees/members of a membership organization or used for promotional purposes (see purchase contract for details). Tickets may not be resold to the general public.
  • Tickets may be advertised as a promotion in public media, but cannot be advertised for sale without prior written permission obtained from Tango Theatres.
    *Tango Theatres reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to determine the eligibility of organizations to purchase Group Cinema Tickets. Organizations, both profit and nonprofit, with current Federal and Guam EIN numbers, using local checking accounts are eligible to purchase Group Cinema Tickets.