Here at Tango Theatres your movie-going experience comes alive with energy and excitement at Micronesia Mall! Micronesia Mall’s twelve (12) cinemas showcase the movie theatre’s newest technology where you can experience watching movies better than ever! High definition visuals and sounds, comfortable seats, safety and unobstructed view from all areas are offered for the best cinema experience.

* All theatres are fully ADA compliant with wheelchair accessible ramps, aisle seat allowances, and bathroom and countertop accessibility. Additionally, infrared headphones enhance the viewing enjoyment for hearing-impaired guests are available.

Other Screening Details

The Micronesia Mall Theatres presents the finest in feature films all year round with the following initial screening schedules (unless otherwise stated):

Monday – Thursday12:30 pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays10:30 am

Movie-goers can come 30 minutes before the screenings. There are also times when movies begin earlier. Check the Movies link above, visit the Pacific Daily News, or call or pre-recorded information line at 632-FILM (3456) to find the latest information.

For payment the following are accepted:
• Cash
• Visa
• MasterCard
• Travelers Cheques
• Micronesia Mall Gift Certificates
• Micronesia Mall Theatres Gift Certificates are accepted

* No personal checks are accepted.

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