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  • 76 CIRCLE K Fill’er Up Cup Promo
    The 76 CIRCLE K Fill’er Up Cups are back! Get your special 76 CIRCLE K Fill'er Up Popcorn & Fo..
  • Cappriciosa $10 Pizza Combo
    Have your fill of our $10 Pizza Combo inclusive of your choice of Capricciosa’s Personal Pan Chees..
  • Gift Card Promo
    It's movie time! Get a Free 46 oz. popcorn or a 16 oz. drink for every $25 gift card purchase.
  • Bargain Tuesdays
    POPCORN LOVERS REJOICE! Besides discounted movies at $7.50, you can also PAY HALF of ANY SIZED po..
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  • Tango App
    Your movie-going experience comes alive with energy and excitement at Micronesia Mall Stadium Theatr..
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